Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Idyll Scene

Loveland, Ohio 4:45pm
In 24 hours I'll be back in Maine, just in time to cook for the Cinco de Mayo party.
So far, the menu includes four salsas in varying degrees of heat, White Trash Margaritas (I'll drink one in your honor, Marie), Premium Gold Margaritas, Mexican Pasta Salad, Chicken Fajitas and Queso Dip.
Mexican Beer, soft drinks and lemon water are also available.

Any additional menu suggestions, dear readers?

As for "the boats", I really don't gamble much, so last night after dinner I gave my $50.00 gift certificate (comped by the hotel) to my boss and said "put it on red." I went to bed. This morning, he handed me a nice, crisp $100.00 bill. Heh. Doubled my money and never set foot on the boat. Nice.

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