Friday, May 4, 2007

It's Derby Weekend

I know this for a fact, as I counted 8 hat boxes being lugged through the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport.
Each was carried by a man dressed in a blue button down shirt, gold buttoned double breasted blazer, khaki pants and either boat shoes or driving mocs.
The man was accompanied by a very thin blonde (I did spot a brunette, once) woman, dressed in a sleeveless sundress and very fashionable shoes. Evidently, this is the hat box uniform. I'll keep it in mind should I ever get a hat that requires a hat box. My baseball caps generally travel in my suitcase and arrive none the worse for it.

As I passed the hat box couples, I could overhear snippets of conversation:
"We're meeting Bill and Nancy at the club for drinks at 6:30. I hear the Andersons will be there, so be nice."
"The syndicate thinks he's past prime and they'd like to sell him. I think he's got good earning potential."
"Honestly, two hats? Why did you have to bring two hats?"
"It's an awful field. He actually might give it a good run for it."

Not for nothing: The Queen looks very old. I know she's 82 or 100 or somewhere thereabouts, but I've always thought of her as timeless.

We're ready to begin Cinco de Mayo fiesta preparations. We should have about 75 or so this year, but it's always hard to know. All recipes will posted tomorrow or Sunday or sometime later this week.


Z said...

oh goody - i'm curious about your white trash margarita. i've been craving margaritas and pico de gallo for weeks - gonna have to whip some up.
tengo un beuno cinco de mayo!

Neil said...

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mainelife said...

Thanks Neil. Good to know. One day maybe I'll have a hat that requires a hat box. If so, I'll make sure to buy a Crowning Glory....