Thursday, May 31, 2007

Nubble Sustains Damage in Patriot's Day Storm

You might remember this image of The Nubble that I took at the height of the Patriots' Day storm.

Well, those waves and those winds did some extensive damage to the island and the town is going to ask for federal assistance to help cover the costs of the repairs. Shingles were ripped off of the roof of the Keeper's House and some of the glass in the lighthouse was broken

According to the Parks and Recreation Director, Mike Sullivan, repairs on the island (the light house really is on an island--with good aim you could throw a baseball from the mainland and break a window in the house, but it's an island nonetheless) cost almost three times as much as repairs on the mainland cost. Since 1989, the lighthouse has been leased to the Village of York and in 1998, the lighthouse became the property of the town.

Maine legend claims that the Nubble is the most photographed light house in all of New England. Given the numbers of times we've received a picture of the Nubble in the mail on a brochure or come across a photo in the most unlikely places (our daughter's boss's office in Philadelphia or my parent's friends' condo on Lake Erie) we believe the legend.

The complete history of the Cape Neddick Light Station is here. Good pictures, too.


Deb said...

Your photo is amazing. Thanks for sharing it.

mainelife said...

You are very welcome. Hopefully the weather will be much better when you visit.