Saturday, May 26, 2007

Quote Of the Week

"I tried my best to take the team as deep into the game as possible to fulfill my responsibility as the starter. I regret that I ended up being a burden on my teammates [Friday]. I'll do my best to prepare for my next start." -- "Dice-K" Matsuzaka

As of today, the Sox are still 10.5 games ahead of the Yankees. Dice-K picked up his 7th win last night (despite leaving early due to tummy troubles. He felt like he was going to yak, which brings back memories of 41 and the Japanese Prime Minister, but I digress), and ESPN is reporting that Yankee GM Brian Cashman is feeling the heat from the Boss.

For now, it's good to be part of Red Sox Nation.


the blue state blogger said...

Even during the darkest times, it's GOOD to be a member of RSN!

weasel said...

I keep pinching myself. Either the wheels come off at the All Star break or something terrible is going to happen to New England to compensate for this team.

mainelife said...

Aye-uh weasel....that's why I say "for now". I really hate the little nagging feeling in the back of my brains, but as I'm a sox fan, I can't shake it. BSB-even if we were 12 behind the Yankees, it would still be great to be a member of Red Sox Nation. But it wouldn't be as great as it is right now!