Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Downeast Summah Reading List

I've been missing Maine during my travels this spring, but the God (I don't think there's more than one) of publishing has looked down upon me favorably and arranged to publish a number of books about Maine:

Shoutin' Into the Fog by Thomas Hanna. I just finished this book (published by Islandport Press). Initially, the conversational writing style took a bit of getting used to, but after a chapter, I was captivated by the hardships and joys of life in the midcoast of Maine in the depression.

Evening by Susan Minot. Captivating and beautiful. I read this in 1998 while living in a captivating but not lovely New York City. It's time to revisit a wonderful book.

Summer People
by Brian Groh. The author grew up in Ohio and moved to Maine. I need know nothing more about the book to be convinced to buy it, but the reviews are good, just in case you need a bit more to go on.

Body Surfing by Anita Shreve. Set on the New Hampshire coast, in a location that Shreve has used previously (Fortunes' Rocks and Sea Glass), it's close enough to Maine and it's an Anita Shreve book, so it makes the list.

Slipknot by Linda Greelaw. Publishes on June 19th, just in time to pack it in the beach bag. This is Greenlaw's first attempt at fiction, but she integrates much of what she knows (Maine and the sea) into the book.

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