Monday, May 7, 2007

Island of the Misfit Toys

I took a tennis clinic yesterday morning. After celebrating the Cinco de Mayo with three shots of Patron, a couple of Margaritas and a cerveca mas fina (or maybe a few more than one), it was a little rough. The clinic was taught by Luke Jenson, French Open Doubles Champion--and it really was a wonderful clinic. I just wish I'd been more at the top of my game.
This morning, I woke up with a catch in my knee, a tennis elbow aching and a crick in my back.
I inventoried each of these ailments for the hubby. His response?
"we need to send you to the island of misfit toys." He's a peach!

I do promise to post those Cinco de Mayo recipes shortly. Between house clean up, tennis clinic and wedding shower (I'm the stepmonster of the groom) yesterday, blogging was low on the list of action items.

Off to Cincinnati for work and then heading north in Ohio for my Father's Retirement Gala. The University is naming the religion building after him (the Rinehart Center for Religious Studies, it shall now be called) and they've endowed a lectureship in Practical Theology in his name. Many wonderful events are being held to honor his service to the Uni, and my father is hating every minute of it. He'd prefer to slip off into the sunset, unnoticed.

This should be fun.

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Bucknutz said...

Forget the recipes. We want details.