Monday, May 14, 2007

Welcome Home

We've been home less than 12 hours.
1) Got my first black fly bite of the season.

2) Received another notice from the NH EZPass system about my $200.50 worth of toll violations, which really aren't violations. The Hampton Tolls went on the fritz a couple of months ago and wouldn't read Maine EZPass tags. Then, our account was supposed to autofill from our Visa, but it didn't. So in two days, we received 8 toll violations.
I've spent time on the phone with Maine EZ Pass Customer Care and the official EZPass folks down in New Jersey. I've written the explanation for the error as instructed, paid my tolls (NH was happy to cash the check), but now they want administrative fees. I've now been on hold with the NH EZPass Customer Care group for 25 minutes and I've been told a representative will help in just a moment at least 42 times....gah.
The State of New Hampshire wants me to know that if I don't pay them, they're going to revoke my NH license plate (heh-good luck with that). I don't like being on the wrong side of the law for any reason, and most especially when I've not done anything wrong, in addition to the fact that I'm totally neurotic about most things, so I find that this is very worrisome.

3) It's official. We've lost three rose bushes. I held out hope that they'd survived the winter, but with the Bleeding Heart almost four feet tall and in full bloom and all the other roses full of healthy green leaves, it's time to give up and replace them. But--IT'S SPRING! And it's GREEN!

4) The warblers have built another nest in the Birdhouse. They've left their tell tale stick poking out of the front door. I don't know why they do it, but it happens every year.


Margaret Evans Porter said...

So sorry about the tragic loss of the roses...the frustration of Sleazy-Pass ... and the annual ritual of the first black fly bite.

Lucky warblers, that's a nice birdhouse!

Amy said...

I've got a black fly bite on my left forearm. Nasty buggers.

mainelife said...

Muchas Gracias, Margaret. I briefly considered calling the only NH State Representative that I know ;).
In the scheme of things, it's really nothing, I know.
Amy, I've now got my second. This doesn't bode well for drinks on the deck.....