Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Quote of the Day

Email from NASA Astronaut Shipman to Bill Oefelein:

"Because you know how these things go," Shipman told detectives. "Isaid, `Is there gonna be some crazy lady showing up at my door, tryingto kill me?' He said, `No ... she's not like that. She's fine with it. She's happy for me.'"
Don't you find it bizarre that Shipman would worry about another girlfriend--a NASA astronaut, at that-- trying to kill her? Even in complicated situations would that thought ever cross your mind? Probably not unless you'd done something really slimy, right? Something that caused you to feel really guilty? Something that if the positions were reversed might cause you to act out in a crime of passion?

How about that it appears Oefelein is really understating his relationship to Nowak and Shipman knew that he and Nowak were far more involved than he first ever let on? Also included in the documents that the prosecutors have released:

.....undated letter to Oefelein's mother in which Nowak wrote that she was taking steps to divorce her husband so she could be with Oefelein.

"Bill is absolutely the best person I've ever known and I love him more than I knew possible," Nowak wrote. Nowak thanked Oefelein's mother for supporting her relationship with Oefelein, "especially since my parents are not as supportive right now."

So, if Bill Oefelein's mother knows about their relationship and is "supporting" Lisa Nowak's relationship with her son, and if this is really all true then methinks Bill Oefelein is a slimeball womanizer who needs to resign from the space program immediately. As an anonymous commenter said yesterday,

I don't get why working professionals don't get it. Not just in America, but across the world. Mixing work and pleasure is like mixing government and religion. It all sounds good until someone gets hurt. Anyone with a remotely adequate range of emotions knows this. I am going to post here with sincere and educated belief that Oefelein is also at serious fault and at least partially culpable for Nowak's actions. I have not read ANYTHING about this attempted kidnapping that points this out. Oefelein's decision to bring romance into the workplace was selfish and purposeful. An ex-marine knows how to control their heart with their mind, and therefor I have no doubt of the intentionality of Oefelein 's actions.

ayeuh. We completely agree, Anon.

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