Saturday, March 3, 2007

Ut Oh.

It seems that the State of Maine has really ticked off one guy in the State of CT, and he'd like you to join him in a boycott of the state.
(Clearly he doesn't know that many of the folks here would be fine with that.)

Maine lawmakers were the first to pass an objection to the real ID program and more than 10 states have followed Maine's lead. The concern with real ID is that it's an invasion of privacy for law-abinding folks:

Maine lawmakers overwhelmingly passed a resolution objecting to the Real ID Act on Jan. 26. Since then, more than a dozen states have passed similar resolutions.

Homeland Security backed off the plan Thursday, giving states an additional 18 months to comply, extending the deadline to December 2009.

Gadiel said he's only focusing on Maine, however.

"You have to pick one state, and none have been as radical as Maine has," he said.

Three of the Sept. 11 hijackers made their connection through the Portland International Jetport, he said.

"You people in Maine ought to be ashamed of yourselves," Gadiel said. "Look at your representatives in Congress - Tom Allen is pretty much a captive of the open borders lobby anyway. That's why he's supported bills to repeal it."

Gadiel's son was killed in the 9/11 attacks and since then has become a homeland security activist.

I'm on Gadiel's side on this one, as I'm all for any measure that will make another terrorist attack more difficult and I'm also for any measure that will keep those dreaded baby blue CT license plates out of Maine.


weasel said...

I like how he calls Maine "backward". That's guaranteed to win over any Mainer I know. After all, there is nothing better they like than being lectured by shrill, puce-face folks from away who know better than them; just ask Roxanne Quimby. Since when does losing a son on 9/11 make somebody an expert on security? I lost my keys once but that didn't make me a locksmith.

Also what is this open borders lobby, and where do I sign up for it? Because last time I checked we now need passports to go to Quebec for the weekend. Must be a mighty powerful lobby...

mainelife said...

I think losing a son on 9/11 makes one a little OC....honestly, I love watching the fireworks created by these folks (RQ included).
Hopefully the boys from the CCL will side with this guy against the radical state of Maine and we'll have a real show.