Tuesday, March 6, 2007


I've woken up frazzled and frayed, made so by a relentless wind. A wind that kept us awake most of the night. It started late in the evening and hasn't let up, not even at the dawn.
The gusts beat at the windows and they make the wind chime clang relentlessly. I now hate the sound of the Pemaquid Buoy.

It sounds like a locomotive as it roars through the trees and the pines near the driveway sway and bend viciously with each gust. Pine needles and small branches litter the driveway and yard, making the snow look dirty and tired and old. When they hit the windows, they remind me of zombie fingers, tapping to be let in. Every so often a particularly viscious gust slaps the side of the house like a wave crashing over a breakwater. It is relentless.

Our thermometer reads -3. The wind chill is -23. It is March 6. There is no precipitation with this system, just sun and blue sky and a cold, cold wind. It's been a long winter.

A cup of coffee might de-fray and unfrazzle me, but I rather doubt that. It might be a day for pulling covers back over the head, with earbuds in and volume turned to high.
Grrr. Did I already say that?


Marie said...

It has been an exceedingly windy winter here as well. There was a time when I enjoyed the ocassional gusty blow, but now hate the wind.

mainelife said...

I hate wind, too! Messes up my 'do. Do we think that the wind is due to climate change or has it always been this way and I've forgotten or blocked it?