Wednesday, March 7, 2007

3-7-07 -7 Degrees

Seven Degrees below zero on March 7. We did not win Mega Millions.
All the pipes in the upstairs bathroom are frozen, not just the toilet that freezes up all the time.

Coffee is brewing and a mug full of hot water is warming, waiting for the coffee. Straight out of the cupboard, the mug's so cold, it makes the coffee tepid. So I warm them before filling them.

None of this is interesting, excepting that it's a normal winter's morning for us here in Maine, but it's the first like it we've had all winter, here in our cute but not well-insulated home.

In a few minutes, I'm going to pull on my BMW Coat* (and maybe my storm trackers) and head off to tennis. Starfish, fellow tennis lady and reader of this blog, doesn't believe that I really bought a BMW Coat but then again, she might not believe that if I had my choice, we'd move farther into Maine, like maybe here or here. I'd even consider living here or here.

As wild as this can seem on a morning like this morning, we really live in a suburb of Boston, and it's a suburb with more and more people moving in.

The first year we lived in this house in Maine, we had wild turkeys crossing through the yard. We heard coyotes most winter nights. Many nights, we heard an owl calling from the neighbor's tree, and I saw a Black Bear amble across Mountain Road on an autumn afternoon. We had a Fisher Cat terrorizing neighborhood cats (he got two) and a snapping turtle in the herb garden, terrorizing me. Now we just have deer eating the garden and that can happen most anywhere. We've not seen or heard an owl for two years and I don't think the Stage Neck has had a moose visit for a couple of years. We love our house and we love our town, but I really love my BMW coat and can live anywhere that it's in style. Which appears to not be here.

*Big Maine Woman

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