Thursday, March 22, 2007

Oh. My. Goodness. (Go Bucks!)

One of my little Michigan friends sent me the above picture with a question:
If Ohio State loses do you think Samson will shave his pretty locks in mourning?
Answer: I'm guessing not, as a high quality mullet such as this has obviously taken many years to cultivate and separation from lovely mullet could not be easy.

Why oh why do they always have to be OSU fans? Why can't we find a Michigan fan lacking in good taste and common sense?
I can only hope that this was taken years ago when mullets were in style.

My little Michigan friend was kind enough to offer best wishes for tonight's game and to let me know she's pullin' for the Bucks. That's so sweet, isn't it?


Bucknutz said...

'lovely' as you would say. Is that from JB or another one of your TSUN friends? God, that's just terrible.
Who cares who sent it? I'm just gald you got around to writing about the buckeyes. who knew thad was such a freak of insecurity?
I think everyone expects UT to win, but I'm sticking with the Buckeyes.
Not for nothing, but wasn't it you who decided to give up football for basketball,if you could only watch one for a season? Am I right? or did i remember that discussion wrong?

mainelife said...

Aye-uh, it was me who chose hoops over football, but that was before I became enlightened. I can't say I'd make the same choice now.
Glad to see you stuck with the were you feeling at half time?
And I'm not revealing my source on the photo ;) I promised that I wouldn't mention names.

Anonymous said...

He's missing the Buckstache.