Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hola Amigos!

It's going to be an unusual sunny spring Saturday here in the Pine Tree State. The Hubby is away (golfing) so I'm going to use the day (or the portion of it before the 4:40 Ohio State-Memphis tip off) to try some recipes for the Annual Cinco de Mayo party.

An old and dear friend from Boston is coming up for the day. She loves to cook and has promised that if I make her a Bloody Mary, she'll help dice, mince and taste. I'm guessing she'll settle for a White Trash Margarita......hopefully, she'll also not mind watching a bunch of guys in scarlet and gray run around on a hard wood floor bouncing a ball for a while either.

So, the Cinco de Mayo planning.
Last year's menu was extremely time intensive and once the party got started it ended up being a little more high maintenance than I'd planned (of course the party was way bigger than I'd planned, which might account for that). We had (with editorial comments):

Pear and Mint Salsa--excellent, I think it stays
Five Alarm Salsa--I loved it, but it's not going to make the cut as the five alarm almost hospitalized a couple of the guests.
Fresh Tomato Salsa--not exciting, but because of that it's a keeper
Mucho chips--

Chicken Enchiladas--on the fence
Beef Fajitas-going. Too high maintenance and difficult to eat
Spanish Rice--on the fence
Black Bean Salad--keeper, I think
Homemade Queso--hmmmm, I didn't love this recipe. I'll look for a new one, I think

White Trash Margaritas-keeper
Grand Gold Margaritas--on the fence. I'd like to add an exotic fruity margarita this year
Mexican Beer--but of course . All beer stays
Soft Drinks
Iced Tea

Provided that I don't chop off a finger, the recipes will be posted over at Cooking Mainely.

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