Friday, March 23, 2007

What A Difference A Few Days Can Make

Alternate Title "Hope Does Spring Eternal"
Second Alternate Title "We Love Mud Season"

On Wednesday, we awoke to temps in the single digits and way, way too much snow for this late in March.

Yesterday, even the wind was warm. Overnight last night, temps remained above freezing, and the snow pile at the end of the drive has melted from over my head (5' 1--and three quarters of an inch) to about waste high. Patches of grass are showing the yard and two woodpeckers are making a big racket in the woods somewhere. It smells like spring--good damp earth warmed by the sun.

It's all good. Dice-K appears to be the real $100 million dollar man. Papelbon is named the Sox closer and seems happy about it. Even a Sox fan has hope on a day like this.

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