Friday, March 2, 2007


Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire community of Bluffton and the Bluffton University family.
Bluffton University is a small Mennonite college in northwestern Ohio and a number of my friends graduated from there, including two close friends who played baseball for the school. The news this morning was unspeakable and horrible.


Marie said...

Yep. I teared up this morning after hearing about the Bluffton bus crash in Atlanta and about the high school vs tornado in Alabama. I think my actual verbage was, "Sucks." There are times when there are no adequate words to describe...

mainelife said...

I can't imagine being a parent anywhere in America and hearing the news of the tornado then this.
I really lost it when I read that there was a chapel prayer meeting right before the team left where the campus prayed for a safe trip for the team.
Don't forget to hug the kids :)