Saturday, March 24, 2007

O-H(Pause for effect) I-O

I wanna go back to Ohio State

To old Columbus town

To the stadium to hear the band

By far the finest in the land
I wanna go back to Ohio State

To old Columbus town

I wanna go back, I gotta go back

To Ohio

Ohio, Ohio

The hills send back the cry...O-H

Were here to do or die...I-O

Ohio, Ohio

We'll win the game or know the reason why

And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of booze

And we'll drink to old Ohio till we wobble in our shoes

Ohio, Ohio, we'll win the game or know the reason why


First in to the FINAL FOUR, BABY. Oden-rated? Nah. Just good!
We're in pleeeeeze, pleeeze, pleeeze. Do not make us play Florida.


Bucknutz said...

thaz what i'm talkin' 'bout.
These bucks are GOOD.
Don't worry, we're ready for Florida.
Time for redemption, my friend.

weasel said...

Yes, yes, yes. But what really matters is the incredible fight back after a terrible season of the Black Bears- Frozen four groovers, don't forget the ice!

mainelife said...

You are so right. UMaine making the Frozen Four does go a long way to making up for a long, tough season.
On the other hand, UNH seems to have the opposite situation. Good regular season then struggles in the tournament.

Jeff said...

If it is Florida and Ohio State, it will be interesting. If it’s any consolation, I’m not a big Eddie Munster fan either. He’s obviously an awesome coach, but he’s not the friendliest guy around. I don’t think he even said as much as a word to me the whole time I was there. At the same time I had many conversations with Spurrier and was always enthusiastically greeted by Dickey-V and even got the occasional hug and handshake from him. But for the game, I think we both have to worry about the semi-finals before we even think about Monday. Georgetown looked tough in the OT against UNC and this rematch with UCLA has me nervous.