Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Maine's Oldest Home Sold To Someone From Away

And (gasp) he might well be a Yankees fan!
The 345-year old Bray House in Kittery was sold at auction to an unidentified buyer from New York City. The house sold for $1.9 million, including auction commission.

Which is why someone from away bought it. Very few Mainers are so impractical as to pay that much for a house, especially a really old house.

More on the Bray House (via Working Waterfront):

Bray House, Pepperell Road, Kittery (1662): A two-story home built by Jonathan Bray, a shipwright, it is often said to be the oldest house in Maine — which it might well be, given the uncertainty of the exact date of the Maxwell Garrison’s construction. It’s older than New Hampshire’s oldest house, which is across the river in Portsmouth, and said to be the birthplace of Sir William Pepperell.

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