Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday Rose Blogging And Other Matters Of The Day

The rosa rugosas are in full bloom. After a tough winter for plants, we've more blooms and healthier rugosas than in previous years.

It's a perfect summer's day on the Maine coast. Mid-70's, not a cloud in the sky. So far, it's been spent catching up on necessary chores: running the vacuum, a few loads of laundry, a complete detail and washing/waxing of Lucy, weeding the garden and transplanting a few irises. My garden chores disturbed the wrens in the birdhouse. At first, mom and dad did a lot of posturing to try to distract me from the nest while the babies remained absolutely silent. After a bit, the parents decided I wasn't a threat and started the normal feeding runs again, each greeted with a huge ruckus.

Afterwards, as a reward, I took Lucy for a drive along the ocean. We raced a lobster boat along Long Sands for a bit, then took a drive down past the Bray House to see if we could catch a glimpse of the new owner. Then, I sat in the adirondack chairs and read the entire NYTimes and Maine Sunday Telegram.

Just to our north, Kennebunkport is getting ready for the arrival of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

And in town, the cost of the Patriots' Day storm continues to rise. Damage to the Nubble is estimated in the millions.

The Sox are up 3-0, and the rugosas smell divine. Hamburgers, potato salad and homemade strawberry shortcake for dinner.

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