Monday, June 25, 2007

A Real Maine Welcome

Walker's Point, February 2005

"He comes up on a holiday weekend, jams all the traffic up. We don't get any cooperation from the guy, so why should we put up with him?"

Aye-uh. Some of us feel that way about all visitors. Only this one's going to be Christly* bad:

Instead of glimpses of world leaders, residents are expecting streets clogged with hundreds of protesters, who are planning to march on Ocean Avenue, calling for the impeachment of President Bush and the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Hotel rooms have been booked for weeks, disappointing would-be tourists hoping for a last-minute trip to the beach. For the hundreds expected to pour into town, crowds and chaos await.

(Quotes from the Globe article on Kennebunkport's preparations for Putin).

*Local slang substitute for wicked. It's not a swear--I've been assured.

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