Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Orange Crush Sherbet

Growing up in Ohio, the daughter of a Preacher Man and his school teaching wife, we didn't have much money at all. But my parents were masters of creating fun with activities that didn't cost much. Making ice cream on a summer's night was one activity that always seemed to work.

After supper, we'd go up to the neighborhood pool, swim for an hour or two (we spent the entire day there as well, but all three of us were water rats), and come home just as the sky was starting to darken. By that time, Mom had whipped up a container of ice cream stuff and Dad would be out in the driveway, packing rock salt around the outside of the canister. We'd change clothes and head out to help churn. There were no electric ice cream makers for us--at first because they'd not been invented, and later because we couldn't afford one, I suspect, although Dad always said it was because the electric mixed ice cream didn't taste as good. (I asked him about that last summer as he used an electric ice cream maker and he just grunted and gave me a blank look, as if I were crazy.) We'd each take turns churning while the other kids got over-the-head-pushes on the monkey swing from dad and then the entire family would sit on the front porch and eat huge dishes of homemade ice cream.

Mom's recipes always included raw eggs and other extremely dangerous things. Those things were OK for her kids but they are decidedly NOT OK for her precious grandchildren. One of the few recipes from my childhood that still in the active rotation is Orange Crush Sherbet, and it's still one of my favorites:

Orange Crush Sherbet

1 two liter Bottle of Orange Crush
2 cans Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk
2 cans evaporated milk
1 small can of crushed pineapple, drained

Combine Eagle Brand, evaporated milk and pineapple; mix well. Pour into ice cream freezer container. Slowly add Orange Crush. Make ice cream as usual. Enjoy!

I should also point out that there's no longer a monkey swing. One night, my dad gave my sister the over-the-head push and the rope broke. She landed back of the head first on the asphalt driveway. Concussion. Dad fixed the rope and we continued the over-the-head pushes until we outgrew them. No monkey swing for the grandkids, however. It's too dangerous.....


Marie said...

Hot dog. I love the Orange Crush sherbert but my favorite all-time is the Grape Crush flavor...

mainelife said...

I'm going to have to try that....Can you believe I've never had it with Grape Crush?

Terry Thornton said...

PASSION! You've printed the recipe for Frozen Passion! THANKS. [You Yankee types call this dish Sherbert but we in the South call it PASSION.]

I no longer have an excuse for a lack of Passion -- armed with this recipe I'll make up something good.

"I was seized very early with a passion for ice cream, which has been the ruling passion of my life." [with apology to Hume]

Terry Thornton
Fulton, Mississippi USA
Hill Country of Monroe County

Jenn said...

We had a cookout and I made this for my neices and nephews last night and they loved it. Thank you for the great recipe for fun.

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