Thursday, June 21, 2007

First Day of Summer

The longest day of the year. Flowers are blooming. The wrens' eggs have hatched. Mom and dad spend all day ferrying food to the hatchlings, who greet each arrival to the nest with cries and cheeps of joy (at least I think they're joyful. I don't speak wren) and general mayham.

Down at the beach, all the spaces are full. The Sox are 10 games ahead of the Yankees. We're grilling steak and corn and asparagus on the grill and planning to sit in the adirondack chairs on the deck until there's no light left in the western skies.

Not only will we celebrate summer solstice, but we'll keep an eye out for the deer who believe our garden is a snack bar....

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educadores said...

I love the first day of summer, but in my country (Uruguay) it´s the first day of winter!.