Friday, June 15, 2007

You'll Thank Me Later

It's early for this, I know, but when it's really time, I won't be able to find the link. So I'm sharing now (and adding it to the side bar). is the place to go for 2008 election coverage of all of the Democratic candidates.

UPDATE (a few more 2008 election sites that you might find helpful) :
Polling Report now has a 2008 election polls page.
The Pew Forum 2008 election site
Rolling Stone's Coverage
Election 2008 Blog

Here's to hoping this link isn't necessary in 2008, but just in case,
The Supreme Court of the United States Blog

I think I'll start a new link category in the side bar for 2008 election coverage. That will give me an outlet for my political obsession without posting about it and it will save you from reading the inane thoughts that pop into my head.


the blue state blogger said...

It's NOT too early! Remember there's only 584 Days, 03 Hours, 35 Minutes, and 27 Seconds left to suffer through George Bush (but who's counting?)

Margaret Evans Porter said...

In York environs, I saw 3 red Mini-Coopers. Two with sunroofs. One without. No convertible Mini-Cooper. But plenty of other was such a "top down" sort of day!

C. Creek was heavenly.

And to return to topic--nifty link.

Lill said...

Not counting the nanoseconds? I am. Nifty link, indeed. So nice to find other Maine blogs. If you'd like to contribute to the Mainely Blogging Carnival I'm hosting, please send a link to one of your posts and I'll include it. It's not a contest or anything, just a way to showcase Maine blogs. Here's the link.
Feel free to pass it on to other Maine bloggers.
Shine On,