Tuesday, June 12, 2007

ONE Vote '08

I love this idea.
I hate that Bill Frist has anything to do with it.
As my friend Gail says, "sometimes you have to hold your nose while you work with the guy (or vote for the guy) who can get the job done."

I'll hold my nose this time, but now instead of "Can I kiss you?", the first thing I'll ask Bono when I meet him is "What were you thinking when you made Frist co-chair?"

Dr. Bill Frist? The man who gets confused about clearly known facts regarding the transmission of the AIDS virus and the reliability of condoms? He's the guy you want speaking out for this thing?

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the blue state blogger said...

He also makes magical diagnoses over videotapes. Imagine that...oh,well, maybe it's a reclamation project for him.
I feel a blog coming on...