Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Eyes Is Goin' Crazy

The San Diego Padres' plan to confuse Dice-K worked perfectly in the first inning, as Dice-K couldn't locate the strike zone hidden in the crazy throwback colors of the Padres. He walked the first three batters that he faced last night.
Thankfully, his eyes finally adjusted to the mess in the second inning and he got the win 2-1.
(Can you believe someone actually selected that as a team uniform?)


weasel said...

I couldn't believe my eyes when the San Diego Disco Biscuits came on to the field. I have to say the Sox looked dashing in their throwback uniforms, however.

mainelife said...

They did look pretty fine, didn't they?

Randy Seaver said...

Hey, these were a big improvement on the brown and gold taco uniforms of the mid-1970's.

Obviously, they shoulda changed into something else after the first inning against Dice-K. Our favorite unis are the USMarine brown camouflage ones.

I thought the Sox uniforms were drab...yet classic. To each their own.

We attended the Saturday game won by my Pads, and agonized over the close losses in the other two. A World Series preview?

Cheers -- Randy in San Diego