Friday, June 1, 2007

King James Reigns At The Palace

Remember children: Michigan is the part of Ohio that nobody wanted.
Also remember that the reason Ohio doesn't slide into the Ohio River is because Michigan sucks.

Now, sucks isn't a nice word and it shouldn't be used, excepting when describing Michigan or the Yankees. Then we allow a special dispensation for that naughty word.

And what is May 31st? It's now going to be called Ohio Day, because it's the day that King James turned in the greatest single performance in NBA play-off history and scored 29 of the Cavs' last 30 points to beat the Pistons at the Palace at Auburn Hills in double overtime.

It's also the day that the Tribe beat the Tigers 11-5. Nice.


the blue state blogger said...

Heh. LeBron sure silenced his critics with that little performance, didn't he? I've never liked the Pistons.

But I DO like the long as they're not playing the Red Sox.

mainelife said...

Ah. I (kind of) like the Tigers, but I do struggle with the
'Meatchicken' problem.

The LeBron performance was AMAZING, but I must admit, I find the NBA unwatchable. It doesn't resemble anything like the game as I learned or played it or as the college game is played.

Blue Wolverine said...

Gloat now so that we can gloat in November.
Go Blue!!!!