Thursday, June 28, 2007

LiveBloggin' the NBA Draft

This isn't going to last long folks. My hopes to see Greg Oden in Celtic Green next year have been dashed. He's going three time zones west, to Portland, where I'll never see him play. It's become clear from the past 8 years of awful luck and lottery picks, that Red Auerbach did sell his soul to the devil in exchange for a couple of World Championships.

First Pick: Trail Blazers, um let's see, um, ya think, they....might take GREG ODEN? We're still waiting.....even though there's no drama here....we all KNOW who they'll you think they might take Kevin Durant? Nah. Even if they do, the second pick goes to Seattle, so it's still three time zones.....
Portland Takes Greg Oden, of The Ohio State University.

Ok, kids. That's it. Live blog over. I might be convinced to update should Boston take the Drunken Dribbler, otherwise, tata for tonight.

UPDATE: OK, I fibbed a bit. I'm updating ahead of Boston's pick. Memphis takes Mike Conley, Jr, of The Ohio State University. He's the single season assist record holder for OSU and he made all the difference in many, many game for the Bucks this year. He's ready to run an NBA team and that was a great pick by Memphis. He and Greg Oden have never lost a home game in four years of high school basketball and one year of college ball. Great choice Memphis. Good luck Mike.

Boston and Seattle have worked out a trade. Boston takes Jeff Green. They will trade Jeff to Seattle, in exchange for Ray Allen and Wally Szczerbiak (pronounced zer-BI-ak).....Retired Guy likes this trade. Ray Allen is averaging 26 in the NBA and he has experience.


Bucknutz said...

This is the first time since 62 that we've had two players picked in the first round of the NBA draft.
It's so good to be a Buckeye!
Go Bucks! OH-IO.
Oh-IO! Michigan Sucks!

mainelife said...

Honestly, Bucky, do you need to trash Meatchicken at every opportunity.
But it sure is good to be a are so right about that, my friend.