Monday, June 11, 2007

All In and Done

What's a New England wedding without some beach time and a lobster? (Actually, anytime guests are in town, Chauney Creek Lobster Pound is a must do on the list of Maine attractions.)

With Bride and Groom safely off on the honeymoon yesterday and official wedding duties completed for the rest of us, we slept in, and then enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at Cafe Amore.

We then meandered to the beach with books (which we didn't read) and deconstructed the weekend while gazing at the Nubble (for all the kidding I do about "The Nubble, The Nubble, The Nubble", it's a beautiful view on a sunny summer afternoon--it glows in the afternoon light). It was agreed that there were no "wedding outrages", that it was all lovely and it was just as the bride and groom wanted it to be, and that it was all over too fast.

Chauncey Creek is mostly outside dining (although there's a small covered portion of the deck as well as a screened porch) on a beautiful tidal creek. You pick your own picnic table (they all have a view) and you also byob (we were well practiced at the bring your own this weekend), as well as bring your own candles, table cloth, and appetizers--anything the lobster pound doesn't sell may be brought in).

So, after the beach we packed three coolers: Appetizers (cheese plate with drunken goat, herbed chevre, brie and Amish Blue; tomato/mozzarella salad; spinach dip with sesame blue corn tortilla chips; and dill dip with crudite--I call it "veggies", but I now have a daughter-in-law, so I need to grow up, so crudite it is) and Drink (white wine, Smuttynose Pale Ale, and a lovely bottle of Moet&Chandon Brut Imperial Rose Champagne.).

We sat with our dearest friend and our wonderful daughter and her equally wonderful boyfriend and we admired the stunning Coast of Maine.

We toasted the bride and groom one more time. Then we ate steamers and lobster and baked beans and cole slaw and at least one of us offered up a small prayer of thanks for all of the blessings so generously given.


Margaret Evans Porter said...

oooh, aaaah. Chauncey Creek! The perfect choice.

Only yesterday we were discussing whether to go there today, next Monday, or the one after.

If I can wait that long.

emma said...

Congratulations! It sounds like it was an absolutely wonderful weekend.

weasel said...

Splendid! And the weather held up...