Tuesday, June 5, 2007


LLBean is already one of our favorite destinations (in person and for internet shopping--they're great about returns and their customer service (at least from our personal experience) is always top notch) and it's going to get even better:

FREEPORT, Maine --Mail-order retailer L.L. Bean is looking to develop a theme park-style adventure center, a move that would build on the company's outdoors heritage, drive sales and cement Freeport's place as a top tourist destination.

The project featuring lodging and dining facilities is centered on a 700-acre parcel owned by the outdoors outfitter about a mile from Bean's flagship store. Visitors to the site, and another Bean-owned property along Casco Bay, could try their hand at a range of activities, from biking and archery to kayaking and snowshoeing.


weasel said...

I love it- it'll keep the summer complaints off the boat ramps at the real lakes up our way.

Jim Degerstrom said...

It should be first class! As a kid growing up in Derby in the 1950's I was impressed (overwhelmed?) by the selection at the 5 and Dime uptown in Milo.

15 years ago I visited the Mall of America near Minneapolis and was astounded by everything... including an indoor roller coaster.

Perhaps the new LL Bean site will live up to my measuring stick for size "bigger than my home town" like:

- Mall of America
- Miller Brewery
- Donald Trump (anything)


Ana said...

I saw that article! It is kind of interesting. There's definitely a bunch of things I'd love to try --archery sounds fun!-- but have no know-how and wouldn't commit much time and cash to try out.