Monday, June 18, 2007

Off Into The Sunset

Sunset on Isle au Haut, ME (July 2005)

I'm off into the sunset on an adventure, so I leave you with am image of a Maine sunset.
Actually, it's a normal business trip to the Nasty, but I'll be flying Skybus out of Pease AFB, so it qualifies as an adventure, I think.

So far, no worries. I've checked in on-line, paid my $5.00 to check the bag, but not the $10.00 for priority boarding. I've printed out my boarding pass and discovered that I'm in Zone Three for boarding. I'll report in on the rest later.
Until then, Ta Ta!


Z said...

A trip to the Nasty - what's that?

mainelife said...

Cincinnati, The Sin City, Cincinnasti or just The Nasty....
It's actually where my real office is and where all my direct reports work, so I'm here more than I'd like to be (and if I'm honest, less than I should be).

Z said...