Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Time Out

I took a time out from my work to read Thomas Friedman's column in todays' New York Times.
Regardless of whether you are For the war or Against the war, support troop withdrawal or think we need to stick it out, I hope you find this as inexcusable as I do:

I can’t imagine how I’d feel if I were the parent of a soldier in Iraq and I had just read that the Iraqi Parliament had decided to go on vacation for August, because, as the White House spokesman, Tony Snow, explained, it’s really hot in Baghdad then — “130 degrees.”

I’ve been in Baghdad in the summer and it is really hot. But you know what? It is a lot hotter when you’re in a U.S. military uniform, carrying a rifle and a backpack, sweltering under a steel helmet and worrying that a bomb can be thrown at you from any direction. One soldier told me he lost six pounds in one day. I’m sure the Iraqi Parliament is air-conditioned.

So let’s get this straight: Iraqi parliamentarians, at least those not already boycotting the Parliament, will be on vacation in August so they can be cool, while young American men and women, and Iraqi Army soldiers, will be fighting in the heat in order to create a proper security environment in which Iraqi politicians can come back in September and continue squabbling while their country burns.

Senators Collins and Snowe--expect a letter from me, posthaste.


Anonymous said...

For anyone with an interest in Iraq that goes beyond the usual hero worship, oorah, support-our-troops or whatever, I have a friend who writes a blog: Last Of Iraqis.

The guy and his wife are very brave.

mainelife said...

thanks for the link. I'll check that out!

the blue state blogger said...

How cool, thanks for the link!

Melissa, I can't think of a day Tony Snow hasn't said something that's either a) reprehensible, b) a lie, or, more likely, c) both. And don't depend on the spineless wimps we call our senators to have our troops' back on this...