Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tiger Lillies

Tiger Lillies, Cape Neddick ME (retouched and texturized in Photoshop)

It's been a busy week at the job that pays the mortgage. We present to the new owners tomorrow and those presentations will determine quite a bit about which programs get funded (we're now owned by PE, so ROI is now everything-- if you know what those acronyms stand for you understand--if you don't consider yourself very lucky) and to some extent, who gets big new jobs in the new organization. No pressure here, folks. But I have spent about 60 hours this week building powerpoint decks, double checking financial reports, making sure competitive market overviews are correct and up-to-date, and revising budgets. Yee Haw! Don't you wish you had a fun job like mine? Is it only Wednesday? Can the week get any longer?

The Red Sox are hopelessly mired in some catch-22, tire spinning funk and can't get a fire lit. The offense is offensive (pardon, it's been long week). The Yanks are now only 8 back and closing hard. Julian Tavarez starts tonight, so we'll be viewing our latest obsession, AKA the complete West Wing Series on DVD. I cannot get enough of it. How did I miss this series when it was in Prime Time?

I hope you're all well. I cannot wait for a free minute to visit your blogs and catch up.


jo said...

Here's me pushing for you to climb that hill and make it to the other side..

mainelife said...

Muchas Gracias :)