Thursday, July 12, 2007

Much Warmer Northeast Has Extreme Consequences

The Union of Concerned Scientists have released preliminary results from a two year study on climate change and the news is dire for the Northeast. Winters would be on average 8 to 12 degrees higher by the end of the century, and summers 6 to 14 degrees higher. This means change for the economy and industries that create the unique character of the region:

  • The skiing industry would go out of business, except for western Maine resorts.
  • Lobstering south of Maine would cease to exist as will cod fisheries
  • Maple syrup production in Vermont will end
  • Fall foliage will no longer dazzle
  • Apple orchards will die out
  • Boston, New York and Atlantic City would be regularly flooded
  • Songbirds will disappear (see, I told you it was dire)
The good news, according to the report is that a low-emission alternative is achievable and would leave the Northeast with a similar climate.


Mainecatwoman said...

Yeah, but...isn't it all NATURAL???Don't we need more STUDY??? And won't taking steps to reverse this trend have DIRE economic issues and just hurt the poorest of the poor?

Bucknutz said...

Exactly. This is a natural phase and will cycle back the other way eventually.
The good news is that you all won't spend so much on your winter heating bills, right?

the blue state blogger said...

"This is a natural phase and will cycle back the other way eventually."

Ummm...I was trying for sarcasm there. I don't think there's anything natural at all about global warming.

Mouse said...

I think that the poorest people of the planet will be hit hardest by climate change

and I agree a zillion times over, there is NOTHING natural about our impact on the environment

our species is like a virus spreading, consuming all and poisoning everything we touch

mainelife said...

I don't disagree with you Mouse. On any of your three points. Thanks for stopping by the blog!