Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy Birthday

My mom turns 70 today. I can't wish her a good day personally so I'm writing her a letter.
I'm going to tell her:
That I hope that when I'm her age, I have enough gitty up and go left in my tank to spend my 70th birthday just like she is, watching elephants in Africa.

I hope that when I'm 70, I'll be as in love with my spouse and he with me, as my parents still are.

I hope that my kids like each other as much and are as close as adults as I am to my sister and brother.

I'll be happy if I can touch just one life and make it better, really better. She has done that thousands of times. She's mentored and encouraged and given hope to so many kids who had no one else to tell them that they mattered and that they could do whatever they dreamed they could do.

And finally, I'll tell her that I love her very much and I hope that she saw a leopard on this trip. They're very rare, and she missed this guy the last time she was there.


the blue state blogger said...

What great thoughts! Yor mom must be a very special lady!

Marie said...

Your mom is beautiful...

Margaret Evans Porter said...

Lucky you to have such a wonderful mum. Lucky mum to have you and the rest of her family.

I can imagine she's having a terrific birthday on safari!

Ana said...

Oh, cool! What a great way to spend a birthday. Where did they go in Africa?

mainelife said...

I've been a very blessed kid to have two great parents and two terrific siblings and I think we're all lucky that we like each other--not just love each other, but like each other, genuinely.
Hey Ana-I hope you're well. Thanks for stopping by. My parents are Kenya and Tanzania. It's their second time. We were all there in 2001.

Ana said...

Good stuff. I was just curious in case they had been near where I was a couple of weeks ago (Zambia and Botswana).