Monday, July 30, 2007

Chauncey Creek

Foggy night at the creek, but the lobsters were fresh, the wine was chilled and most especially the company was good.

All images taken with the iPhone.


Boo said...

You took the river pic with the iphone? Wow that is awesome. I'm still trying to get pics like that with an SLR.

Margaret Evans Porter said...

I've just returned from a lunch in Portsmouth. While eating fried clams on a deck facing the the three tugboats, my lunchmates and I spoke so enthusiastically of Chauncey Creek, and the many wonderful meals we'd enjoyed there.

And we all wondered why we hadn't gone there today and agreed we should go again--very, very soon.

Love the i-phone pic. So artsy and atmospheric!

Z said...

That lobster looks good. And the pics are great.

You're a Social D fan? Wow! I found out they were playing the Casino because I signed up to have Ticketmaster notify me whenever they are in the area. I'll let you know when they come 'round again.

mainelife said...

Z- I love all punk and most especially SoCal punk. Please do let me know if they come back. I'd love to see them.
Margaret-your spot for lunch is every bit as good as the creek--different but good.
And Boo-I checked out your sight. You have lovely photos. You have a very good eye. Thank you for stopping by.