Thursday, July 19, 2007


Folks around here call this cruising. It's a little different than cruising the strip in Miami Beach or that Michael Nesmith song, but it's every bit as good.

With the possible exception of this July, that is. We've had day after day of fog and drizzle and so far, we've only had two days that have reached 80 degrees. Now I hesitate to say this, as some that I know will take it as proof that global warming is a great liberal hoax, but the fact is that it's been a miserable July here in Vacationland USA.


the blue state blogger said...

Definitely cool and soggy...let's hope to make it up in August!

weasel said...

It's typical Maine luck that as global warming progresses, the models suggest we are not scheduled to become a tropical paradise but rather a rain soaked breeding ground for mosquitos and deer ticks.

Yay for Lyme disease and West Nile, so folks can still drive their 15 mpg Expeditions and Suburbans around urban connurbations, yay!

fletch said...

I want to go cruising right now and not come back.