Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pea Soup

While the rest of the lower 48 work through the heat wave, we've been in a perpetual state of fog. Old timers tell me the fog used to be a June event and by July, it was clear and sunny. This year, it's a little mixed up; June was warm, clear and glorious. July is damp, cool and foggy. We even considered building a fire on Monday night, but decided we'd not build a fire in July unless it snowed!


Marie said...

We sometimes get fogged in up here in the summer, too. Doesn't seem fair, does it?

weasel said...

Ayuh- never known a day like it, and I ain't looking forward to the row back neither. Don't go into the fog, by jiminy.

katherine said...

I very much enjoy your blog. My own Retired Guy and I are driving up to Ocean Park Friday for 2 weeks that we hope will not be foggy ones. I write features for the Rhode Island newspaper, Providence Journal, and may do one sometime about blogging. Would like to speak with you. My Retired Guy and I have a Rhode Island blog, Please feel free to contact me by email through that site.