Sunday, July 8, 2007

Carnival of Ice Cream

What a wonderful carnival, full of all of the good things in life: passion and memories, the Buckeye State and a bit of wine. Do we need anything else to live a refined and fullfilling life? I think not.

Lori, the Smoky Mountain Family Historian, remembers a very lucky (and very smart) dog from Holmes County Ohio.

Terry offers a very heartfelt ode to homemade sherbet, er, sorry purple passion and to southern beauties.

The Blue State Blogger made the most of a night off for the Red Sox, by partaking of some ice cream and some wine. Red Sox? Ice Cream? Wine? Check. Check. And Check. That makes us kindred spirits if not cosmic twins.

Foreign, Fellowship and Family are the keys to ice cream for Margaret. Her husband, Chap and their three girls make ice cream a wonderful nightly ritual.

UPDATE: Amy visited Strawberry Alley for a scoop of French Vanilla in a waffle cone--and writes so well of it, she almost convinced me that I would like vanilla ;)

For those of you who have more ice cream posts send them along. I'll continue to update the Carnival.

Oh, and thanks for letting me host this month. I've had the honor of meeting two new bloggers, Lori and Terry, and I'm looking forward to visiting their blogs often and soon.


jo said...

isn't there some legendary ice crem place in ohio?
Our neighbours in maine hail originally from ohio and I remember them smuggling home pints and pints of the stuff a few years ago for us all to try.
I remember it being unusual flavours and very high quality ice cream, but I can't remember the name of the place. I'll try to remember to ask them next week.

mainelife said...

Hey Jo-
I'm pretty sure it's Graeter's Ice Cream. It's just about the best I've ever had. Check with them and let me know--if there's a better ice cream in Ohio than Graeter's I've got to give it a try.

Amy said...

I had French vanilla tonight at Strawberry Alley. Hope I'm not too late for the carnival!

Margaret Evans Porter said...

I forgot to mention Hodgie's in Amesbury, MA. I've had good fellowship there, where a "small" is large enough to feed a medium-sized family.

Amy said...

Hey, it wasn't just vanilla, it was FRENCH vanilla... the Catherine Deneuve of ice creams. Or Olivier Martinez. Yum!