Monday, December 18, 2006

Wii, Wii, Wii All the Way to My Home

Am I the only middle-aged woman in America who covets a Wii--not for her children but for herself? Most likely.

I don't covet it enough to stand in line for 16 hours, or to pay $789.00 for it on eBay or Amazon....but I do covet it enough to make a daily internets drive by on Amazon and eBay to see if there's a deal.

And now might have a chance to pay the suggested retail price of $249.00 for one on Amazon. Actually, I have a 28 to 1 chance to buy a Wii through the Customer's Vote: Special Edition Page
How do these odds stack up?

  • I have a better chance of getting my letter to the New York Times published (20 to 1)--provided that I ever write one. Right now, my chances are zero.
  • I have a better chance of getting hemorrhoids (25 to 1).
  • But my odds are better on the Wii than having my novel be a NYTimes bestseller (220 to 1).
  • I also have a better chance of getting the Wii than getting botulism (2,300 to 1). Comforting.

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