Saturday, December 30, 2006

Church Sign Wisdom (or not so much)

Not that I really believe that, but don't Church Ladies with Typewriters and church signs often make you wonder if finding Jesus makes you lose your brain (or at least every basic principle of grammer and spelling lerned in school)?

You're not alone. Joel Bezaire has a blog devoted to the analysis of church signs. There's a new book devoted to church signs (the funny, the mind boggling, and the inspirational), and there's the church sign generator where you can make your own Church Sign, or view funny church signs. The Jokeyard has more church sign humor.


Jenn said...

Our area has great church signs. I don't know for a fact but it seems like our pastors here never went to school, they just read their holy books.
The signs make all my co-teachers cringe and the language arts teacher gets very angry.

Comedy Links said...

Make some customized church sign pics @