Wednesday, December 6, 2006

News Of The Day

Pretty standard fare for an early December day in Maine:

  • We have the ever-less-rare-battle over beach access. Most Mainahs will sniff and tell you it's them christly folks from away who cause all the ruckus.
  • We have the global warming story (cleverly disguised as a snowmaking article)
  • We have the announcement of the latest book on lighthouse keepers.
  • We have the almost daily for this time of year story that I hate the most. Seriously, this might be Freakonomics playing a role, but it seems that Maine has far more than the fair share of house fires every year.
  • We have the on-going Poland Springs coverage. Poland Springs wants to send more of their water goodness to people who want it, but figuring out a way to do that without upsetting life as it should be isn't easy.

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