Thursday, December 21, 2006

Phrases That Set My Teeth on Edge

"meet up"--why is the up necessary? It's the grammatical equivalent of "where are you at?" yet people I know who would never end a sentence with an "at" have no problem saying "Let's meet up later"

"snack on" as in "I keep a loaf of Cinnamon bread in my car to snack on"--keeping food in your car for an extended period of time is nasty to begin with, but when you add a "snack on" to that sentence, I hear fingernails on the chalkboard

"!!!!!"-A single exclamation point should be used infrequently and with much consideration. Multiple exclamation points should never be use, unless alerting the reader to a chance of imminent death by poison dart or nuclear bomb!!!!!

Funnily enough, the use of wicked as in "that's a wicked bad curve" doesn't bother me in the least.

Do you have any phrases that bug you?


Anonymous said...

Meet up is a good one, but
"you 'uns" (sp?) is the turn of speech that bothers me allot and I hear it all the time.

I just used an eclamation point in my last comment but I didn't read this yet. SS.

Anonymous said...

"you suck" is just a terrible thing to say and you hear the smallest children saying it.

jo said...

My bad.
Especially as uttered by a 9 - 11 year old upon dumping an entire bowl of something on the floor and then walking away.

Jenn said...

Dude as a three syllable word.