Friday, December 15, 2006

The Gift of the Wreaths

Across America today, business travelers are waking up in hotels far from home, thinking about the ride to the airport, the business deal that they've got to get done. They are stepping out of their hotel room to pick up opening their complimentary copy of USAToday and seeing this image, thanks to Morrill Worcester of Harrington, Maine.

USAToday gave Wreaths Across America top of the fold coverage and a three page article, and the on-line edition has a wonderful gallery of 14 photos.
I just want to say Thanks, Morrill. I'm one of those business traveler folks, far from home in Maine, whose just got a little better and a little brighter because of your gift. It's unfathomable what this must mean to the families of those buried in Arlington and military families everywhere this holiday season.

Note: blogger (or user error) ate the last sentences of this post. I've inserted it above.

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Sarah said...

You just gave me goosebumps... very touching. Thanks for sharing.