Sunday, December 3, 2006

Plowing the Ground in Aroostoock County

The county, as Mainers call Aroostoock County, is getting ready to turn on the turbines at New England's first major wind farm. Twenty windmills are already in place and eight more are still to be added.

The Portland Press Herald has the full story, and has included a wonderful slideshow--those turbines are taller than the Statue of Liberty. Who knew? According to the article, the 28 windmills will be spread more than four miles across the ridgeline of Mars Hill. Each stands 262 feet tall at the hub, with three 115-foot-long blades sticking out.

I'm thinking road trip to see this.

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Deb said...

People either love the look or hate it. I think they're kind of neat. I'd much rather deal with a windmill than an hourglass shaped nuclear tower with steam pouring out the top.