Friday, September 14, 2007

That's York, Not New York

We've got friends coming to visit for the weekend, but they aren't arriving until later this evening. We wanted to eat suppah in the pub, so I called the York Harbor Inn to make sure they'd be serving dinner at 10-10:30.

The really nice lady on the other end of the phone informed me that they had a "late night" menu so they'd be serving late.

Now I'm excited. My late is midnight......then she says "ayeuh, that late night menu goes until 10 pm." Oh.

My friends (they live in Manhattan) consider 10 pm the normal dinner hour. I've got some explaining to do.


Boo said...

Good Lawd I'm asleep on the couch long before 10pm. But not tonight. Tonight it's Red Sox vs Yucky Yankees. I'll be on the edge of said couch (with a frozen margarita in my hand)

the blue state blogger said...

Gawd...if I ate dinner at 10pm my esophagus would be eaten up by the heartburn.
Not to mention, I'm usually in bed by then.

Z said...