Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Belicheater Part II

(Warning: I tried to act like this didn't make me happy and I tried not to gloat, but I can't, so I stopped trying.)
So, the league has officially determined that the Patriots cheated against the Jets on Sunday. All that's left according to the Boston Globe and the NY Post is for the NFL to determine the penalty.

It's not the first time that the Pats have been caught taping another team's signals, and it's not the only form of cheating--if you're a Colts fan any doubt you had about Willie McGinist's "injury" in the playoff game in 2003 were put to rest after he was able to make a celebratory sprint to mid-field when the Pats won the game.

Add these instances to the rumors that Belichick fudges injury reports and the whispering that he has knowingly allowed stadium personnel to mess with the other teams' radio transmissions, well ya gotta ask "Is one of the greatest coaches ever or is his just a conniving, sneaky, criminal mastermind?"

As a Browns fan, it might help answer that question that's haunted the city of Cleveland for years "Why was he such an unbelievable screw-up in Cleveland and a genius in New England?" The answer we now know is that he just hadn't figured out how to cheat.

As a sports fan, it's disappointing that a franchise who puts so much emphasis on players' character and maturity has a coaching staff who clearly values winning more than character. As a devoted Belichick detractor, it's just desserts for the guy who took a Head Coach job with the Jets and then spit in their eye two minutes later, who fired Bernie Kosar and treated the Cleveland media like it was a bunch of kids off the short bus, and couldn't win even half the time until he got to New England.


Boo said...

So it's Belichick you're against and not necesaarily the Pats?

I don't follow it close enough to really understand what happened so maybe I am stupid in saying this but "who cares?" We watch signals everyday as Veriteck is trying to get DiceK to throw an off speed pitch. (yeah I know that's baseball) We see the signals for a bunt or a steal. (can you tell I'm more into baseball than football?) If we think the other team is reading our signals we change them. It's not like the Pats stole the playbook. (or is it?)

Anonymous said...

You might want to take a look at that if you enjoy fan sites ...

weasel said...

The only video I've been watching this week is Brady's 51 yard bomb to Randy Moss for a TD. Ayuh.

Too bad Belichick is a bit of an ass; but what can you do about the hired help? Maybe if it was a nicer team than those Yankee fans in green and white on the recieving end I'd be more choked.

How about them Ravens, though? ;)

mainelife said...

Hey Boo-
Yup, as soon as Bill leaves, I'll be a fan. But not until.
Stealing signs happens all the time in football, but it's the videotaping of the signs that's specifically prohibited (just like baseball).
If a baseball team uses binoculars or a high powered lens to steal signs, it's cheating. Anyway, it's not just this. It's all the stuff that either really teeters on the verge of cheating or is flat out cheating that Bill does that makes me take umbrage.
Weasel-It's a Cleveland thing. It's not rational, it's totally emotional, and (I admit) a little silly, but it makes my husband crazy that I won't worship Bill, and a girl's gotta have a little fun now and again :)
Anon-I checked. I coined the phrase Belicheater first.

the blue state blogger said...

"but it makes my husband crazy that I won't worship Bill, and a girl's gotta have a little fun now and again :)"


While I'll never get the Belichick animosity-Cleveland had NO talent while he was there thanks, primarily, to Art Modell-I can certainly understand the get-under-the-husband's-skin part of it. I used to deliberately make disparaging remarks about Harley Davidsons to my ex for the exact same reason.

Anyway, Mangini's just a jealous toad who can't lick Belichick's boots.