Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Afternoon in Port Clyde

On Friday afternoon we headed to Port Clyde for fish chowder at The Dip Net. Nothing's as good as a chowder and draft beer on a cool afternoon in the fog.

After lunch we browsed in a couple of shops and bought a wonderful step-back Windsor Rocking Chair, four English Bible Chairs and an English scrubbed pine dresser. It took more than one trip in the car to get it all back to the cottage, so I sat in a chair in front of the shop and chatted up the owner for a while while Retired Guy took the first load home.

I heard about the cruiser that she and her husband bought in Manhattan and sailed home and the less than hospitable treatment they received in York on that trip. I heard about her duties as a selectman and eventually I got up enough courage to ask her if she'd met the Chief Justice yet.
Yes she allowed that she had.
I said "They say he's a nice guy."
She said, "Aye-uh. That's what they say." And her tone indicated she thought a bit different.


Bucknutz said...

She must be a democrat like the rest of you north easterners.

weasel said...

High profile people from away usually have one chance- one- to prove that they should be tolerated. I wonder if he's blown it already?

There's the great (probably apocryphal) story about Martha Stewart up on Mrs. Weasel's home island. She barged into a store and demanded to use their phone. When the clerk told her that there was a pay phone outside, she yelled "I'm Martha Stewart!" At which point a fellow in line said "So what? I'm David Rockefeller III and I use the pay phone."

Probably untrue, but she sold her house after only a few years of social exclusion by the ritchie-richs and surly baiting by the working locals.

the blue state blogger said...

"She must be a democrat like the rest of you north easterners."

Nah. Democrats are too conservative for most of us up here.

mainelife said...

Bucky's just bent out of shape that I've finally seen the light and moved left (I used to consider myself a moderate, he's way right of center).
Don't hold it against him, as he's a really good guy. Really. Heart of gold, he just hasn't stepped out of the darkness....yet.
Weasel-that's my favorite story. I first read in the Maine Sunday Telegram and have since seen it repeated on a couple of blogs. I don't even care if it's true. It perfectly illustrates the "maine" way, doesn't it?