Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm On The Pigeons' Side

Pigeons are pooping on Bengals fans.

I've been to Paul Brown stadium about 1,000 times (or at least it seems like 1,000 times). It's a dee-sas-ter.

The fans wear 80's style orange and black pants and tiger paw gloves, the guy running the sound system plays "Welcome to the Jungle" every 37 seconds, the Ben-Gals cheerleaders would scare away an elephant, and the drunk guy next to you keeps screaming "who dey". I totally understand the pigeon's point of view. The Who Dey Guy deserves it.


Bucknutz said...

Heading down to Paul Brown right now.
WHO DEY? WHO DEY? Who dey think goin' beat dem Bengals?
Welcome to the Jungle, Patsies.

mainelife said...

Sorry Bucky. That was a tough game, no?
On the up side, the city looked beautiful on tv and the energy in the crowd was awesome.