Monday, September 10, 2007

Bill Belicheater

What do you expect when a Bon Jovi fan coaches your team?

The NFL is looking into claims a New England Patriots employee was videotaping signals by Jets coaches on New York's sideline during the season opener.
It ain't the first time. Hire low class, you get low class......
(and yes, I know that I might rot in hell for not worshiping at the alter of Belichick, but I'm from Cleveland. 'Nuff said).


the blue state blogger said...

Hey, Bill is God. The league ain't get NUTHIN' on him yet!!

mainelife said...

You and the Retired Guy are on the same page on this one. Every Sunday morning during football season, RG wakes up, looks at me, smiles says "In Bill we trust" Smiles again and gets out of bed, confident that the Pats will win. :)