Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Senator Collins Changes Her Mind?

Or did she evolve? No matter...

We've been wondering how long it would take Senator Collins to change her stance on Iraq, given that most in the state of Maine want us out of Iraq yesterday. We still haven't made up our minds as to who we're voting for, but the Senator's stance on Iraq has made both of us far less likely cast our votes her way. It's been especially disappointing that she's held out far longer than other less moderate Senators on this matter.

Now USAToday reports that:

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, a co-sponsor of Salazar's legislation on the Iraq Study Group, wants to go further: binding legislation that would order Bush to restrict the mission of U.S. troops to counterterrorism, training Iraqis and protecting U.S. assets.

The goal, she says, is to "set the stage for a significant but responsible withdrawal of American combat troops over the next year."

For most of these lawmakers, their decision to embrace change is colored by politics.

Collins is seen by Democratic challengers as particularly vulnerable in the 2008 elections because of the overwhelmingly anti-war sentiment among Maine voters.

Ayeuh. (emphasis mine)


weasel said...

I'll have to go in search of her actual statement to see what fake-folksy tones Senator Muppet uses to describe her no-doubt deepfelt change of heart...

Margaret Evans Porter said...

So glad you've returned, I feared you were carried off by a hummingbird moth. Or tumbled off the dock at Chauncey Creek (where I expect to be dining Sunday afternoon...)

Too bad about your biz trips during August, but you live every day in Vacationland, so it's hard to feel sorry for you!

Love those safari pics.

Even if Sen. Collins has reached a change of heart and mind about our Iraq adventure, isn't it coming too late to help her hold her seat?

the blue state blogger said...

I wouldn't vote for Susan Collins if you paid me nine hundred million dollars to do so, and that was BEFORE the current invasion of morons in the White House...I'm such a trendsetter.