Monday, August 6, 2007

It's Monday, I Think

Happy Monday to you. It's day three of a 10 day work trip, the first part in Philadelphia with 3,000 business professors, the second part in Boca Raton with 1,500 colleagues at our Sales Meeting.
The first part has been wonderful. Retired Guy came with me to visit our daughter. She entertained us in her fabulous new apartment on Saturday night and then she and her dad went to the Tut exhibit on Sunday, while I did booth and author meeting duty (I'm on the bitter bus about working two straight weekends in August, but trying to not kvetch too much about it). Last night we had dinner at Buddakan, an elegantly swanky Asian Fusion restaurant. It's all served family style, so we sampled Lobster egg rolls, ahi tuna pizza (think sushi on a toasted flatbread), corn and crab fritters, and edamami ravioli appetizers. The wine list is excellent and reasonably priced and the food is amazingly good.
I'm off to a day of author meetings, customer schmoozing, and in between, hanging out in the booth, pushing our wares, while trading white lies and inflated statistics with the competitors. We're the talk of the meeting because of the recent sale of the company, so everyone is stopping by to see if we're panicked, off our game, looking to change companies. Since we all seem calm, unfazed and focused, they're not sure what to make of us.

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